Arepas La Antioqueña
  • Made in Colombia, Arepas La Antioqueña are as authentic as it gets. This is a staple product for Hispanics. Arepas are widely used for both breakfast and dinner and go perfect with butter and cheese, guacamole, “carnitas”, and many other toppings.

Our arepas are gluten-free and pre-grilled, which reduces preparation time and improves consistency.

Our competitor arepas usually aren’t. Additional ly, they are individually separated which guarantees they won’t stick to each other.

Arepa Blanca La Antioqueña:
(White Corn-Cake)
  • Most of our competitors use flour. We don't and this is how Hispanics like it: 100% Corn.

Arepa de Chócolo La Antioqueña:
(Baby Corn-Cake)
  • Again, we follow the traditional recipe: 100% Baby Corn. Our competitors use sweet corn or white corn with added sugar.

Arepa de Yuca con
Queso La Antioqueña
  • Yuca Cakes with mozzarella-cheese. Their popularity has grown dramatically during the past 15 years in the US.